"I think this workshop just saved my marriage."

Are you looking to feel closer to your partner? Tired of getting stuck in an endless cycle of negativity and frustration? Does marriage counseling appear to be the only option? Join thousands of couples all over the world who are already enjoying a stronger, more intimate connection through The Hold Me Tight® Program, a couples enrichment experience. For many couples, HMT is a fulfilling alternative to couples therapy and marriage counseling. 


Couples Workshop Orlando

A Hold Me Tight® workshop is a unique experience based on the groundbreaking work of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples - a state-of-the-art approach to couples therapy, grounded in attachment theory. The workshop affords couples a safe environment where they can learn how to really connect, what makes love grow, and why we so often get stuck in negative patterns with the one we love most.  Hold Me Tight® is not therapy; it's education and practice that will help you learn to:

~ Move out of negative cycles that keep you stuck and disconnected

~ Create positive communication patterns

~ Repair and forgive emotional injuries

~ Strengthen connection and intimacy

~ Establish a secure and lasting relationship bond

~ Understand underlying feelings beneath the conflicts

~ Become more Accessible, Responsive, and Engaged in your relationship


How to Reconnect after Growing Apart

In this workshop for couples, you will not only come to understand how and why we so often end up cut off from the one we love most, but through a series of exercises, you and your partner will learn about your pattern of conflict and how to interrupt it. You will learn about the deeper needs that really drive us to "poke" our partner or to pull away when we conflict. You will learn to see your partner in a new way and to reconnect more deeply. You will learn a new kind of conversation~one that leads to connection, not confrontation, intimacy, not isolation. 


The Hold Me Tight® weekend workshop in Orlando FL follows a powerful and effective format: part presentation, part exercises (which each couple does in private) and then time for discussion and reflection.  The teaching is relevant and timely, with video and power point visuals, as well as a printed manual.

This workshop will prepare you to continue enriching your relationship long after the weekend is over. A Hold Me Tight® weekend is powerful! Just read what some past attendees have said...


"A powerful workshop, full of impactful and relationship-revitalizing conversations. The best time and money we've spent."

"No matter how long you have been married, this workshop is vital to stay the course."

"This workshop helped to normalize our experiences and bring new light and hope to our relationship."



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