About Vicki Kennedy

Hello, my name is Vicki Kennedy. As a psychotherapist, I have the pleasure of working with both couples and individuals on a journey of rebuilding connections and healing hearts. I consider it a privilege to walk alongside the clients I serve on their journey towards wholeness.  Part of this journey includes helping clients illuminate some of the mysteries of our complex inner worlds ~ the world of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors ~ that at times may feel a bit perplexing. It brings me much joy to help people grow as they gain awareness in this area of their lives. Awareness is the first step.

I believe each of us comes into the world with an innateness to thrive, feel fully alive, and be creative beings. Somewhere along the way, whether in childhood or adulthood, we may to experience some level of pain or disappointment.  The pain of this life can visit us in a number of different ways: betrayal of a loved one blind-sides us, trauma from childhood still has a grip on our hearts, dreams get thwarted, or we may find ourselves  feeling stuck while playing the same old tapes in our minds. Whichever the form, Shalom is broken. Therapy is a way of identifying and healing the wounds that need to be repaired, release what does not serve us, and restore what has been lost.

As a trained Emotionally Focused Therapist for Couples, I work with couples trying to understand the negative cycles that keep them feeling stuck and alone in their relationship. This “stuck” place that couples find themselves in at times when it comes to conflict and resolution, does not have to be a long, frustrating, heartbreaking process. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a state of the art approach for distressed couples and families. Backed by extensive research, it is considered the “gold standard” as no other approach in couples therapy has been able to match the same level of clutch date as EFT. For more research on EFT please go here: www.ICEEFT.com or to my practice website: www.vkennedycounseling.com

As an EMDR trained therapist, I work with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, and anger. I specialize in working with those clients who feel stuck in life with their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, due to past trauma from either childhood, or from events in their adult life. EMDR therapy is recognized by the World Health Organization as frontline therapy for PTSD, but it’s applications have expanded to include protocols helpful in treating depression, phobias, panic attacks, 

My own journey brought me through a period of deep self-exploration, awareness, and emotional healing. And it is this very journey that in part allows me to offer empathy for the pain my clients hold. My clients can expect an environment of compassion and dignity, with a tailored approach to suit their needs. My training in EFT and EMDR allows me to offer a solution for clients that is both powerful and effective.




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