Couples workshops of Florida

Looking for an affordable transformative couples retreat?
Join us for a life changing "Hold Me Tight"® 
weekend workshop near beautiful Orlando, Florida.
Couples counseling is not the only way to strengthen your relationship. A Hold Me Tight® weekend workshop can make
all the differenceregardless of where you are as a couple. 
Strengthen and renew your relationship through
the groundbreaking science of love. 

What people are saying about Hold Me Tight®...

"This workshop is essential for all couples!"


"The best time and money we've spent." 

"We have been trying counseling for 13 years and have not made a dent

in our communication. In two days, we are already opening up and sharing!"

"I think this workshop just saved my marriage."

"This workshop helped to normalize our experiences and bring new light and hope to our relationship."


Mark Beck, LMHC

As a mental health professional, I've worked in a hospital setting and in private practice, but my passion is working with couples. While couples therapy is my "day job," Hold Me Tight® workshops are a totally different experience. Couples learn and grow in a safe, supportive group setting. Hold Me Tight® is the best part of what I do!

Vicki Kennedy, LMHC

As a psychotherapist specializing in couples therapy, I work with couples trying to understand the negative cycles that keep them feeling stuck and alone in their relationship. This “stuck” place that couples find themselves in at times does not have to be a long, frustrating, heartbreaking process. My approach in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a state of the art approach for distressed couples and families.


Vicki Kennedy, LMHC

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Mark Beck, LMHC

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